TEC8112 Series architectural dimmers






"The best flattery is when the competition starts to copy your product and this tells you that it must be good". But there's nothing like the real thing.

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Product - Who can use our dimmers


Here's a few companies who use our dimmers - United Artists Theatres - Cineplex Odeon Theatres - Cristie U.S. - Crest Sales - Capitol Motion Picture Supply, National Cinema Supply, Cinemark Cinemas - Other needs for our products include - Hotels - Restaurants - Lecture Halls - Meeting Rooms - Board Rooms - Art Galleries - Museums - Arenas - Poultry Farms " YES Poultry farms ! it increases production - how about an extra poultry crop per year ! contact our office for more details


Key Features     TEC8112 series dimmers carry the ETL Testing Laboratories Inc. label

     Available in sizes from 1800 to 4800 watts.


Standard Features & Frequently asked questions

Solid state design Built-in adjustable presets Slow fade rate adjustments Separate Up/Down adjustments Analog or push button controls
Automation interface Minimum voltage adjustment Maximum voltage adjustment Fire alarm interface Master-Slave combinations
Fully magnetic breakers Primary & secondary breakers Toroidal filter chokes Modular plug-in card Static voltage protection

Interface wiring diagrams , fire alarm, input/output,

Fire Alarm Interface to annuciator panels & system inter-wiring Low votage terminal information Bump card override diagrams Mounting Details & Ventilation


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Optional Features

Intergral push button controls Remote control stations Remote preset indicator stations
Up to four secondary breakers Bump overide stations emergency overide


Longer bulb life Reduced energy consumption Uniform control of areas Over 20 Year life expectancy * 5 Year product warranty

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General Specifications

TEC8112-1.8 KW 1500 Watt TEC8112-2.4 KW 2000 Watt TEC8112-3.6 KW 3000 Watt TEC8112-4.8 KW 4000 Watt
Dimmers shall be as manufactured by Ash-Stevenson Inc., 21 Progress ave., Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1P 4S8. These units shall be warranted for a period of Five years from date of manufacture. Dimmers shall be wall mounted, maintaining a minimum of six inch ventilation clearance on all sides. Supply voltage - 120v 60Hz, single phase. (240v 50Hz European version) Suitably sized primary breakers shall be provided in each local power distribution panel. Low voltage control shall be 12 Vdc. for all dimmers and remote control stations. Maximum RF filtering and lamp filament hum reduction shall be achieved using toroidal filter chokes. Minimum rise time with specific reference to full load shall exceed 425 microseconds. Waveform current rise time shall not be greater than 250 milliamps per microsecond.


5 Year product warranty.

* Warranty includes all components with the exception of the power handling device (triac or SSR block) Since these devices can be damaged via an external short circuit which is beyond our control, they cannot be warrantied.

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